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Frequently Asked Questions about SUP'ing (Stand Up Paddle boarding)

Q:Do I have to know how to swim?

A: Yes, no exceptions. You don't have to be Michael Phelps, but you at least have to be able to get yourself back to your board if you fall in the water.

Q: Will I fall in/get wet?

A:  Most people DON'T fall in. We had over 80 paddlers the first day we opened and 5 fell in the entire day.  Those odds are pretty good in your favor.  That being said, leave your keys, shoes, socks, wallet, smart phone, and anything else you don't want getting wet on shore. Also we advise wearing a bathing suit and bringing a towel, you never know, we even fall in occasionally.


Q: Is it hard to learn to Stand Up Paddle board/SUP?

A: It takes a little coordination and balance, but not much. Most people we rent boards to are given a 5 minute lesson by our instructors. Everyone starts on their knees and learns to pop up to their feet. Standing comfortably, bending slightly at the knees, and proper placement of the paddle are also learned. It's a lot easier than it sounds, trust us. It becomes second nature after about 10 minutes. After you learn the basics we teach you paddling techniques and tricks to help you build skill.

Q: Do you have a shop?

A: No we currently don't have a shop, but we are mobile and can travel with our SUP's anywhere within 80 miles of Houston with a fleet rental of 4 or more boards and a two hour minimum rental. If you want to go beyond 80 miles, we can arrange that as well. Most of our classes are taught in the Sugar Land area at the Lake at First Colony Aquatic Center and the Oyster Creek Boathouse.

Q: Do I need to take the class before I can rent boards?

A: We recommend taking the class, but it is not required for open rentals. However to take our advanced class at Oyster Creek, you will be required to take the intro to SUP class  at the First Colony Aquatic Center first.


Q: Do you sell Stand Up Paddle boards/SUP's?

A: Yes, we are a dealer for Riviera and SUP ATX Paddle boards. You can also purchase any of our fleet boards at the end of the season as well. We also sell new boards year round as well as boards on consignment.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?

A: Reservations are not necessary on open rental day, which is currently Saturday afternoon. Reservations are needed for fleet rentals, lessons, and classes. Lessons and Classes at First Colony Aquatic Center and Oyster Creek Boathouse must be booked through the Aquatic Center at 281-634-9555 .

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Absolutely, you can also reserve on our website and book in advance.

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