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Self-Care Strategies to Make Your Fitness Routine More Effective

Photo via Unsplash

Self-Care Strategies to Make

Your Fitness Routine More Effective

When you want to get fit, keeping yourself energized and motivated is half the battle. There will be days when you just don't want to get out of bed, and others when tempting treats look too good to pass up. Fortunately, engaging in self-care can make it easier to rock your workouts, stick to your goals, and stay positive.

Nourish Your Body and Mind

The most important part of any fitness routine is nutrition. A healthy, balanced diet gives you the energy you need to work out and provides the nutrients your muscles need to recover and grow. Amino acids, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants should play a key role in your meal plans. Additionally, complex carbohydrates and protein provide a slow release of constant energy to keep you feeling fueled up all day long. Good fats are also extremely important for regulating your hormones and supporting your mental health. If you don't have the time to cook, take advantage of a fresh food delivery service to help you stick to your healthy diet plan. These can assist you with portion control and introduce interesting, new healthy foods to your diet to keep you from getting bored.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. Take further steps to care for your mental health outside of your workout can keep your motivated to reach your fitness goals more easily. Wired For Happy recommends checking in with your thoughts on a regular basis since these can automatically turn into negative feelings and actions. Being mindful of your thoughts can help you manage your emotions more easily and prevent yourself from getting discouraged. This can be useful if you're not seeing the fitness results you expected or you’re having trouble getting motivated.

Go Easy on Your Body

It’s no secret that exercise has many benefits for your body, but going to hard can cause injury. Take it easy on your body by balancing low-impact aerobic activity with strength and flexibility training. This kind of fitness routine is easier on your joints, bones, and connective tissues than high-impact activities. Some great exercises for beginners, older adults and people with health concerns include walking, hiking, rollerblading, swimming, cycling, and yoga. Once you have developed a baseline of fitness, feel free to explore high-impact exercises. Just make sure you stay mindful and listen to your body to prevent injury.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep plays an important role in helping the body restore itself following a workout and replenish the energy you need for another day of exercise. Although you shouldn’t work out too close to bedtime, exercising in the early afternoon can help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep during the night. Exercising in the morning is also beneficial for your sleep since getting outside first thing in the morning helps your body wake up, keeping your natural sleep-wake cycle running smoothly. In addition to timing your workouts around your sleep schedule, try to practice good sleep hygiene. This includes creating a relaxing bedtime ritual, keeping your bedroom dark and cool, and turning off electronics at least one hour before bed.

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that your body can lose several liters of water during just one hour of exercise? If you don’t replenish this, you may experience symptoms of dehydration including cramps, confusion, and fatigue. Try to drink at least 17 ounces of water a couple of hours before you exercise, and another 8 ounces half an hour before you get started. Then, during your fitness routine, stop to drink water every 10 to 20 minutes. has shared some tips to make it easier for you to continue sipping water throughout the rest of your day. For example, you can use flavor enhancers to make water more appealing or get a high-tech water bottle to track your ounces.

Self-care is all about making yourself feel good. It is not a selfish act, but a method to find greater wellness in your life. Stop ignoring the physical needs of your body and the emotional needs of your mind. Any workout routine can benefit from a little extra love and care.

Photo via Unsplash

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